Center for Houston’s Future is a nonprofit, think tank that furthers the Houston, eight-county region as a top global community in which to work and live. The Center works to solve our region’s toughest problems by engaging diverse leaders, providing meaningful research, and defining actionable strategies. The overarching benefit to the community is that of an independent and respected source of leadership, research and solutions.

My Degree Counts is one of the newer additions to the the Center’s vision planning agenda. Our proven track record of high-level convening and collaboration for the benefit of the Houston area made the Talent Dividend, and the My Degree Counts initiative, a natural fit for the Center to spearhead.

Prior to developing My Degree Counts, the Center hosted a Talent Dividend Summit in September 2011 to gather regional employers, educators, and non-profit organizations to develop strategies and action plans to increase college attainment rates in both the short term, for the prize competition, and the long-term for the betterment of the region.

The Center also produces annual Community Indicator reports–a regional “report card” that measures the social, ecological, and economic factors that contribute to the region’s competitiveness and sustainability. In 2012, the Center researched and reported on Human Capital Development and Education in the region. Our Summer Salons gather a group of highly qualified experts for conversations and panel discussions on topics from our Community Indicator Research.

The Center is host to the Business/Civic Leadership and Leadership Next seminars in addition to offering customized consulting services. For more information, please visit